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“I believe that we are at least one third nature, one third nurture, and one third free will.” – Richard Rohr

What I Do

Authentic engagement is a way of being. We engage self in self-discovery. We engage in relationships with others, with the world, and with the spiritual.

I Coach.

I walk alongside you. I listen. I reflect. We engage. It is the sum of our relationship that brings about change. All you need, to grow, to overcome, is already contained within. 

I Speak.

My life, like yours, is a journey. Here I share my story, and my wisdom – the application of knowledge – with you. I relate, inspire, and ignite. My talks are a catalyst. 

We journey.

“Man cannot discover new oceans, unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore” – Andre Gide. Little rivals travel’s ability to effect meaningful change.

Need direction?

Contact me for an obligation free, 30 minute exploratory session. At best it will change your life, at worst nothing changes.

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Still not sure...

You have gone as far as you can go  – alone. You’re here because you have recognised a need and that that you don’t need to walk alone. You have read about what I do. Contact me for a free 30 minute session, or read further to see which of my offerings would suit you best. 

My Story

Early cultures have no name for religion. There was no distinction between religion and life. The priests were elders who taught by sharing their lives’ experiences. Many eastern religions today do not make the distinction between work, life and God. Authentic Engagement similarly is who I am and not what I do. My life is the sum of observation, learning, connection and engaging. Authentic Engagement is an amalgamation of knowledge applied and experiences lived.

I spent my formative years residing in different townships on the Cape Flats, yet I did not live there. I lived in a multicultural and diverse world. We were all so very different – yet strikingly similar. This set the tone for the trajectory of my life.