About Kurt

"Odysseus left Ithaca and experienced many adventures, only to return to its shores. Changed."

This Kurt Isaacs (he/him)

South African. Black. Mixed race. Husband, father, son. Human.


My mother was part of a new breed of woman. A single mom, an educated professional, and empowered. She took us traveling the globe at a whim. She placed us in the best private schools – she could not afford. We straddled many worlds. Exposed to many cultures and realities, I noticed the disparities, and also the many similarities. I see people.


I traveled, married, had three beautiful children, and traveled some more. We identified with everyone – and no-one. This could not be more evident when we finally returned to South Africa. We had embraced global citizenship – the world had not.


Kurt Isaacs Life Coach

Order to disorder

In the United Kingdom, I worked in a multitude of therapeutic environments – from youth excluded from school to juvenile pedophiles.


Back in South Africa. I worked in schools to help silent youth and parents find their voice. With parolees from maximum security prisons, and with adult and adolescent addiction. In the past 8 years I took a management role and I learned a lot about the corporate environment.  


Something else happened in this time. Following a three-year separation, I was legally divorced in 2011. I was also sequestrated and lost all my property. I also lost my sense of self, perhaps the greatest loss of all. Everything that constituted life as I knew it was wiped away, pried from my grasp, in an instant. And then…

Life Coach Relationship Coach Johannesburg


Rebirth. I am married to a beautiful woman. I have a healthy relationship with all my children. I have been blessed with more than I could imagine. Most importantly, I know who I am.


 I believe we spend the first half of our lives building our structure, laying foundations, and the second half discovering why.


I spent a great deal of my life observing – listening and seeing. I am wired to connect, to relate. Having worked with those on the peripheries of society, those we would rather not acknowledge. I have had the privilege to see humanity in its most robust form. I am but a small part of life. My role is to awaken you to this life and to walk alongside you, as you journey through it. This is who I am.

Life Coach Relationship Coach Johannesburg

“Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.” - John 12:24