About Kurt Isaacs

My Story

I am a South African man. An inherited identity, and one of many, I wear proudly. It is hard to talk of South Africa, without referencing racial identity. This indoctrination is designed to keep us separate, and once we see it as just that, manufactured, we start seeing the striking similarities between us all. Simply human.

My mother was part of a new breed of woman. She was a single mom, an educated professional, and empowered. She took us traveling at a whim. Not just locally, but internationally too. She also placed us in the best private schools she could not afford. We straddled many worlds. Exposed to many realities, I noticed the disparities, and also the many similarities. I see people.

By the time I reached university, I enrolled in my first degree – performance art. I was aching to speak to the world – to shout! But I struggled to find an audience. Those who listened, were already converts, and those who didn’t, couldn’t.

My journey continued. I travelled, married, had three beautiful children, and travelled some more. We identified with everyone – and no-one. This could not be more evident when we finally returned to South Africa. We had moved on and embraced global citizenship – the world had not.

Whilst in the United Kingdom, I furthered my studies in the field of Forensic Psychology. I worked in a multitude of therapeutic environments – from youth excluded from school to juvenile paedophiles.

My experience grew upon my return to South Africa. I worked in schools to help silent youth and parents find their voice. With parolees from maximum security prisons, and with adult and adolescent addiction. In the past 8 years I took a management role and I learned a lot about the corporate environment.  

Something else happened in this time. Following a three-year separation, I was legally divorced in 2011. I was also sequestrated and lost all my property. I also lost my sense of self, perhaps the greatest loss of all. Everything that constituted life as I knew it was wiped away, prised from my grasp, in an instant. And then. Rebirth.

I am married to a beautiful woman. I have a healthy relationship with all my children. I have been blessed with more than I could imagine. Most importantly, I know who I am.

Odysseus left Ithaca and experienced many adventures, only to return to its shores. Changed. I believe we spend the first half of our lives building our structure, laying foundations, and the second half discovering why.

I spent a great deal of my life observing – listening and seeing. I listen to more than what is said, and see more than what is displayed. I am wired to connect and see connections, to relate. Having worked with those on the peripheries of society, those we would rather not acknowledge, I have had the privilege to see humanity in its most robust form. I am but a small part of life. My role is to awaken you to this life and to walk alongside you, as you journey through it. This is who I am.

Feedback & Reviews

I’ve said enough about myself. This is what others have to say about me.

“I don’t know anyone that lives their passion for people as authentically as Kurt does. He is true to all that he is and when you are around him you feel free to embrace your true self as well.

I have not yet met someone that is able to allow everyone the same respect regardless of their choices in life and see people as they truly are and not attach any judgement.”

Gloria Zulu

Director at Home Storey

“I am naturally skeptical of that which I cannot measure. I am also an entrepreneur and an astute business man. I take calculated risks.

My time spent with Kurt produced an outcome which was both unexpected and profoundly life changing.  A truly Authentic Engagement.”

Lehlohonolo Rammala

Director at Mapone Logistics

What Can I Do for You?

As a Life Coach I awaken you to your world. Through our relationship you you access your inner strength and wisdom – your life source.

I’m a life coach and guide. I share my life’s and over 20 years of professional experience with you. 

We all engage on four levels. With self, with others, with the world, and with the spiritual. We do so consciously, or not. If we are to effect real change, we need to do so authentically – or not at all. I coach individuals, one-on-one. This is a great place to start. Our human nature also thrives in community, and we create this in group coaching. Often great shifts happen here.

I’m a public speaker. I collect and share stories, and in sharing I bring insight.

It is no secret that our very early forms of preserving the human story is via oral tradition. We are wired to share stories. It is how we learn and how we connect. The stories I share are not mine alone, but they are told through my lens and with my understanding. Through these stories, I awaken, I teach, and I connect. My stories transform.

Finally we journey. many journeys are metaphorical. Some are literal.

I have designed themed retreats that focus on different growth areas. At times we need to remove ourselves from our current environment to gain perspective and agitate growth. these journeys align with the four areas of engagement: self, relationship, the world and the spiritual.

Need guidance?

A good place to start is with a conversation. Contact me for an half-hour obligation free session. Challenge your thinking and risk changing your life.