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Life Coach Randpark Ridge Authentic Engagement

Life Coaching

Life coaching begins by accepting the present. It is solution focused and eliminates obstacles. 

Life Coaching is best encapsulated with the metaphor of a well. You are the well, and contained within you is an unlimited expanse of life-giving water. It is your relationship with the coach that allows you to draw that water.


  • 1 on 1: Best for detailed personal goal setting
  • Group coaching: Great for facilitating relationships
  • Corporate coaching: Recommended for building healthy, productive working environments
Life Coach Randpark Ridge Authentic Engagement

Keynote speaking & Workshops

Storytelling is universal and as ancient as human civilisation. It builds bridges, promotes understanding and strengthen bonds. 

I am an educator. I teach, inform and inspire. I educate because I too am constantly learning and challenging my own self-limiting beliefs. 

Talks & Workshops:

  • Sawubona, We see you: Making the invisible, visible
  • Inclusive leaderships: Asset based management
  • ABCD: Asset Based Community Development
Life Coach Randpark Ridge Authentic Engagement


In every hero’s journey there comes a time when they have to leave the familiarity of home in order to transform into the hero they were born to be.

Retreats offer us the time and a sacred space to rest, reflect and to grow. Sometimes we simply need to unplug, to be. We need to heal and choose not to pass on our hurts. Claim your space.

Sought-after retreats:

  • The Apple Tree: Finding your purpose
  • Becoming Adam: The journey to becoming a man
  • Discover, grow, love: Building healthy relationships

Why Authentic Engagement

You are alive, or not. There is no in between. And since you are alive, you may as well live your best life. This means being an active participant in something real – Authentic Engagement 

Authentic engagement is about building healthy relationships and this begins with the relationship with self, then others, the world and finally the mystical or spiritual.